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Over 70% of our immune system is found in the gut.
Our proprietary Acemannan Aloe Vera extract provides a unique formulation of the most powerful immune-balancing fractions of Acemannan to provide the body with targeted immune support where it counts in the gut.

aplgo icon dot A proprietary concentration of the most immune-activating and bioavailable Acemannan fractions
aplgo icon dot Pure formulation extracted from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plant.
aplgo icon dot "Smart" immune-modulating impact may help the body lower overactive immune systems or activate sluggish ones.
aplgo icon dot Standardized and stabilized Acemannan content for consistent, shelf-stable support.

aloveia immun

How it Works

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the processing of stabilized Aloe Vera changed very little. Then in 2005, the discovery was made that only certain sizes of Acemannan molecules (Aloe Vera's bioactive molecule) were small enough to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and other slightly larger fractions actually facilitated the plant's amazing immunomodulatory effect.

The largest fractions of Acemannan become prebiotic nourishment for friendly bacteria in the gut.

With this new information, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, one of the world's leading experts on Aloe Acemannan processing, developed Alovea Immun - a proprietary Acemannan composition. Alovea Immun is a revolutionary new Aloe Vera extract with a proprietary concentration of these immune activating and bioavailable Acemannan fractions, making it a powerful, non-toxic addition your integrative health strategy to support the body's normal functions of defense, repair, and regeneration.

Key Ingredient

Pure Aloe vera inner leaf gel extract, standardized and stabilized using state-of-the-art technology.

aloveia aloe vera facts


aloveia immun facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give Aloveia Immun to my kids or pets?

MannaRelief has been giving Acemannan to children around the world for years, often with powerful results, and sometimes extraordinary one. At least one study was unable to find a functional maximum dosage as it is completely non-toxic. Please use your judgment about how you support the health of your family, but all research to date has shown Acemannan and Aloe Vera extract to be safe, beneficial, and non-toxic.

I found this other brand of Aloe Vera extract for cheaper, why should I buy Alovea Immun?

The beneficial impact of this simple plant molecule is astounding. But not all Acemannan supplements are created equal! Alovea Immun contains the highest level of immune-supporting Acemannans - 3-5 times more per gram than other commercial brands.


Over 100 million dollars has been spent on researching this powerful molecule resulting in some of the benefits below:

aplgo icon dot Enhances immune cell response to viruses and bacteria
aplgo icon dot Increases stem cell production 300% - 400%
aplgo icon dot Has a 10 fold impact on immune activation
aplgo icon dot Enhances the production of glutathione by 50%

In 2014, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, the world's leading expert on Acemannan technologies, used new science to develop an improved Acemannan extract with 4 -5 times more immune activating fractions of Acemannan per gram than his original patented product.
This new extract was named Alovea AE (Acemannan Extract) and was donated exclusively to Alovea's Hope Movement.

Personal Results

My father was diagnosed with Dementia after having a heart transplant, fluid on the brain and diabetes. He did not know us, had to wear Depends and could barely walk.

After taking Immun, it all turned around.
His daily blood sugar numbers were down, he was taking normal steps, had better awareness, and was out of Depends. I was speechless! - Nancy R.

"Immun has done wonders for our health. We will never stop taking the Alovea products and we need the Acemannan products now more than ever." - Ruth F

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