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Our furbabies are important members of our families.

Their love and affection is a treasured part of our lives. Our fur babies deserve the Anovite advantage.
We know there is a direct correlation between health and the quality of nutrition.

Most dog and cat foods offer minimal positive supplements to their diets. The primary ingredient consists of grains. The results, our pets suffer the effects of obesity and loss of energy.

Our pet lines are designed to help your pets achieve a healthy boost to their immune system with added minerals, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

anovite canine6 colostrum

Canine6 Formula:
Intended as a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for puppies and adult dogs alike.
High-quality protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals are often limited in commercial diets, but Canine6 Formula can fill the gaps. The colostrum proteins are rich in nutrients and immune factors that are designed to help puppies during the crucial weaning time and serve as an effective adult supplement.

* Supports your active pet
* Promotes your pet’s comfortable coat
* High in protein
* Vitamins and minerals
* Natural source probiotics

Canine6 Formula delivers immune support; helps with digestion and nutritional intake, and overall health and wellbeing that translate to a healthier, happier dog. As a replacer or nutritional supplement for dogs of any age, Canine6 Formula provides rich bovine colostrum, natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals in every scoop.

Canine6 has all 87+ natural Growth Factors, over 100+ Immune Factors, all Essential Factors; Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, and Glyconutrients, plus all the Metabolic, Vitamin and Non-Essential Factors necessary for your four-legged family member to maintain a balanced system.

* Crude Protein 45%
* Minimum Crude Fat 15%
* Minimum Moisture .06% Minimum

Dried Colostrum, Natural Bacon & Natural Beef Flavoring

anovite canine6 label

anovite canine6 facts

How To Use:
* 1 scoop per 10 lbs, 1x/day.
* Sprinkle over food & serve. * No contraindications.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is It Safe For All Puppies/Kittens?
Yes! Especially those who need to be supplemented due to mom not being around this happens a ton in rescues. A lack of colostrum has around a 75% fatality rate. And Canine6 or Feline6 can be mixed directly with a formula to fill the gap.

2. What Benefits Have You Seen Through Use?
Pets seem to be more active, less lazy, and happier in general.

3. How Does It Work To Benefit The Gastrointestinal System?
Colostrum supports natural flora & deters bad flora. Certain electrolyte prerequisites are needed for proper gut absorption and colostrum helps balance these requirements to ensure proper absorption.

4. Any Side Effects?
NONE! No contraindications

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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