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LeptiTrim6 is one of the most effective and healthful weight-loss products available today. The LeptiTrim6 SYSTEM with Colostrum has been specially designed to take off inches and weight while improving body health. This comprehensive system was created to reset your metabolism allowing for permanent weight loss.

The LeptiTrim6 SYSTEM includes Daytime Capsules, Nighttime Formula and chocolate and vanilla meal replacement shakes. It all works together helping you synergistically lose weight naturally. Easy and fast!

The LeptiTrim6 Vanilla and Chocolate Shake is a stand-alone weight loss supplement, meal replacement and more.
Simply use it as either a meal replacement or as a snack or smoothie. The combination of ingredients in the LeptiTrim6 Vanilla or Chocolate Shake work synergistically to help you lose weight naturally. Easy, Fast and Tasty!

The LeptiTrim6 Shake includes ingredients and nutrition to help metabolize fat, improve muscle tone, curb cravings and provide energy… for inch-loss beyond the power of the capsules alone. It’s like getting a "Slim boost" during the day. LeptiTrim6 Vanilla and Chocolate Shake also contains: Complete protein (27 grams per serving), Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals and antioxidants for a truly complete meal. The shakes contain colostrum and Leptin, as well as Suma, an adaptogenic herb from the Amazon rain forest that contains 19 different amino acids, electrolytes and trace minerals to support the immune system.

This meal replacement can be mixed with soy milk, no-fat milk, water, fruit juices, or yogurt.*

anovite lepitrim6 vanilla shake

anovite lepitrim6 chocolate shake

LeptiTrim6 Shakes provide:

1. A feeling of Fullness and Satisfaction
2. Proper Digestion and Elimination
3. Increased Nutrient Absorption
4. Thermogenesis and Leptin

The LeptiTrim6 System is a scientific breakthrough providing inch loss, weight management, and a feeling of light, bright and clean functionality.

Leptin is an amazing scientific discovery that orchestrates the body’s use of fats to accelerate weight maintenance and inch loss.

Containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, LeptiTrim6 nourishes the body to reduce cravings for adequate nutrition.

LeptiTrim6 System Results in:

* A Feeling of Wellness
* Immune System Support
* Reduced Sense of Craving
* Inch Loss, Weight Loss
* Proper Nutrition of Lean Muscle Mass

LeptiTrim6 Shakes can be blended with ice for a fast, effective smoothie!

Curbs Cravings Thermogenic Fat Burning Meal Replacement

anovite lepitrim6 vanilla shake label

anovite lepitrim6 vanilla shake facts

anovite lepitrim6 chocolate shake label

anovite lepitrim6 chocolate shake facts


In 20 weeks, with the help of the LeptiTrim6 system, I lost a total of 72 inches and feel great!
- Matt A.

GETTING ALL THE COMPLIMENTS! In 8 weeks I have lost 18 lbs. and 3 inches off my belly, I feel great! I don’t have the fat around my neck, my clothes are baggy and I am getting compliments all the time. What is even better is my blood pressure has gone from 140/90 to 123/83, fantastic.
- Hal H.

I have lost 17 lbs., 3 ½ inches off my midriff, 3 inches off my waist, and 4 inches off my bottom and I am pleased to say I went from a size 9/10 to a size 4 Petite in just 8 weeks. This is a wellness, anti-aging and inch loss product all formulated together to give results fast!
- Teresa H.

Over the past TWO weeks, I’ve lost 8 REAL pounds and also, (more noticeably) nearly 2 inches off of my formerly expanding waistline.
- Rich F.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I Don't Need To Lose Weight, But Want To Slow Down The Aging Process & Have More Vitality What Should I Take?
LimuZ and Colostrum6 are our most recommended products for supporting the nervous system, slowing the effects of aging, and boosting your immune system. They will also help keep you feeling youthful and energized.

2. Why Do You Recommend Drinking So Much Water Daily?
Hydration is a key element to eliminating harmful impurities as you cleanse. It helps your body function more efficiently. You need a minimum of 8 glasses of purified water per day.
Ideally, however, you should be drinking the equivalent of half your body weight in ounces each day. So if you weigh 160 lbs, you should drink 80 ounces (0.6 gallons) of water daily.

3. What Foods Should I Avoid While I Am On The LeptiTrim6 System?
Avoid alcohol, processed foods, artificial colors and sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, white flour products and sugar-free sodas.

4. Can I Add Fruit To My Shake?
Yes, and we highly recommend it! Both fresh and frozen are fine.

5. Should I Start On Anovite's Products If I Have Diabetes, Heart Disease, Or Other Medical Complications?
Ask your physician before taking our products so that he or she can monitor your progress and adjust any medications while your health is improving.

6. How Long Should I Stay On The LeptiTrim6 System?
You can stay on it forever. As you achieve the results you are looking for, simply customize your products and their dosage.

7. What If I'm Pregnant or Nursing?
Ask your Doctor or medical professional prior to taking any prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, or herbal and nutritional supplements.

8. How Can Colostrum Help Me Lose Weight?
Colostrum contains IGF-1, the most important growth factor in our bodies. Without adequate amounts of IGF-1, our bodies during times of fast (diet), will burn muscle protein before they burn fat (catabolism). The only means to increase IGF-1 levels in the body is through daily aerobic exercise or Colostrum (preferably both).

SHAKE (Low Carbohydrate and High Protein) This shake is designed to fuel your body while burning fat, reducing inches, and toning muscle. It contains 47 nutrients, 13 of which are focused on energy production, 12 of which support your immune system, 10 which assist the fat burning process, 8 which promote lean muscle, and 4 that aid the thyroid. Each shake meets 20% of your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Comes in Chocolate or Vanilla.

DAYTIME FORMULA This formula consists of a medley of beneficial nutrients. Primary are seven nutrients that not only burn fat and produce energy, but also regulate the appetite. Additionally, there are four nutrients that aid the nervous system. The last three amazing nutrients boost the immune system while containing all the benefits of Colostrum with all its natural growth factors, plus trace minerals and proven thermogenic herbal ingredients.

NIGHTTIME FORMULA This collagen protein works with your body’s natural sleep cycles to enhance fat and inch reduction while you dream. While you are sleeping, the formula releases protein into your system. This protein will dominate your metabolism and will help avoid those between-meal swings and cravings. The NightTime formula may even put your body into ketosis (the fat-burning process) overnight.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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