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VitaliTea Hydrate/Detox
Gently cleanse your digestive system and support your health with naturally occurring phytonutrients
Makes a Gallon
$29.95 - $19.95

vivalize revitalux
Vivalize ReVitalux
Developed to support and maintain joint health, radiant skin, and promote restful sleep by boosting natural overnight repair regeneration and rejuvenation functions.
16 oz - 32 Servings
$84.95 - $55.95

Miracle Moringa
Most nutritious plant in
the world. 92 nutrients,
46 anti-oxidants,
36 anti-inflammatories,
25 vitamins and minerals,
 plant proteins, micro and macro nutrients, etc.
1 bottle 30 Capsules
$69.95 - $25.95

Comfrey salve
Use on burns, bug bites,
minor cuts or any skin irritation.
Very effective healing herbs!
w/ Vitamin E  2oz
$29.95 - $10.95

Moringa Gold Tea
Supports the immune
system. 25 vitamins
and minerals,
36 Anti-Inflammatories,
30%  plant proteins, etc.
1 bag = 24 Tea Bags
$39.95 - $19.95

Island Coral H2O
Alkalizing Mineral Water Treatment. 74 Coral Minerals. *Raises pH,
*Buffers Chlorine,
*Adds Electrolytes,
*Adds Vitamin C, etc.
1 bag = 30 Sachets
$64.95 - $19.95

Clay Vitality Detox
Draws impurities and excess oils from the skin, leaving it refreshed and purified.
Perfect for removing
 make-up, etc. 6oz
$29.95 - $15.95

Comfrey salve
Used topically and helps to heal wounds, skin ulcers, bruises, strains and sprain. Very effective healing herbs!
2oz Vaseline Base

- $9.95

Moringa Red Hibiscus Tea
Helps from heart health to normal blood sugar,
reduced cholesterol,
weight management, lowering blood pressure,
vision, etc.
1 bag = 24 Tea Bags
$39.95 - $19.95

tea tyme detox tea
Tea-Tym Detox Tea
Rids Body of Toxins and parasites, Better Digestion of Meals, Cleans the
Gastrointestinal System.
Helps with Weight Loss

Makes one Gallon
$10.95 - $6.95


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