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Anti-Aging and Beauty Products BTY Beauty Skin & Dental Care, Gano Soap, etc.

pure gardens
Pure Gardens
Blended by a Mediterranean herbalist, it helps smooth away fine lines, dry skin,
and age spots.
2 Ounces -

lamiderm beauty care
Apex Lamiderm
Clinically shown to boost collagen, elastin
and fibronectin by up to
350% in just 3 days
15 ml. $99.95 - $69.95

garlicwise alliderm gel
Alliderm Gel
Excellent topical support
with anti-microbial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
1 fluid ounce

aplgo bty beauty
BTY Beauty
Provides nourishing phytonutrients and other nutrient factors that can support healthful radiance, maintain healthy aging,
and reveal one's
intrinsic attractiveness.
30 Drops -
gano fresh toothpaste
Gano Fresh Toothpaste
Help prevent tooth decay, cavities, bad breath and gum disease with Gano Fresh. Minty-fresh and with healthy benefits of Ganoderma, offers total protection to teeth,
gums and mouth.
1 Tube - $15.95
omnia skin health
OMNIA - Skin Health
Proven ingredients to protect against cell damage, promote skin cell growth, fulfill nutrient deficiency and promote
 youthful aging.
60 Capsules - $85.95
  gano soap
Gano Soap
Ganoderma extract and a generous amount of the purest Goat's Milk and Vitamin E and minerals
to help promote
the repair of damaged
and aged skin, etc.
2 Bars - $13.95

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