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gano excel classic
GanoCafe Classic
Bold, black coffee
with more than just
your morning jolt.
30 Sachets

gano excel 3-in-1
GanoCafe 3-in-1 Latte
This super yet soothing treat combines rich-tasting coffee beans with the potent botanical ingredient known as Ganoderma Lucidum.
20 Sachets - $29.95

gano excel mocha
GanoCafe Mocha
Blend of fully rounded
 rich coffee, sumptuous Swiss cocoa and the remarkable Red Mushroom

15 Sachets - $31.95

gano excel hazelnut
Ganocafe Hazelnut
Entertain your taste-buds with rich, buttery-flavor
and room-filling aroma
of Gano Hazelnut.
20 Sachets - $31.95

gano excel schokolade
Gano Shocolade
Good pure chocolate
Has like antioxidants, digestive aids and an enzyme that may actually help you sleep better.
20 Sachets - $28.95


gano excel tongkat ali
Ganocafe Tongkat Ali
Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and Panax Ginseng
enhance the energies of body and mind.
15 Sachets - $28.95

cafe rooibos tea
GanoTea S.O.D.
combines the classic flavor of Southern African red Rooibos tea with the nutritional benefits of Malaysia's very own Ganoderma Lucidum.
20 Tea Bags - $24.95
gano c'real oats
Gano C'Real Oats
Organically-harvested Spirulina and freshly-cut oats. With Ganoderma Lucidum, and your
mornings will be filled with satisfied appetites and strong, happy bodies.
15 Sachets - $24.95

gano soap
Gano Soap
Ganoderma extract and a generous amount of the purest Goat's Milk and Vitamin E and minerals
to help promote
the repair of damaged
and aged skin, etc.
2 Bars - $13.95
gano fresh toothpaste
Gano Fresh Toothpaste
Help prevent tooth decay, cavities, bad breath and gum disease with Gano Fresh. This minty-fresh flavored toothpaste, combined with the healthy benefits of Ganoderma, offers total protection to teeth, gums and mouth.
1 Tube - $15.95

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