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LurraLife Dr Millers Detox Tea
Dr. Millers Detox Tea
Rids Body of Toxins
and parasites, Cleans the Gastrointestinal System.
Helps with Weight Loss.

2 tea bags - Makes 1 Gallon
$19.95 - $8.95

gano excel rooibos tea
GanoTea S.O.D
Combines the classic flavor of Southern African red Rooibos tea with the nutritional benefits of Malaysia's very own Ganoderma Lucidum.
20 Tea Bags - $24.95

vitali tea
VitaliTea Hydrate
Gently cleanse your
digestive system
and support your health
with naturally occurring phytonutrients
Makes 1 Gallon
$29.95 - $19.95

healthy habits chai tea
Healthy Habits Chai Tea
Is infused with T.A.G.G. Tongkat Ali extract,
Ginseng extract and Ganoderma extract.
20 Packets - $28.95

culbeans chai tea
Culbeans Chai Tea
Rooibos Tea and just
the perfect amount of
spice and a blend of
coconut based creamer
and pure cane sugar.
(U fall in Love)
15 Packets - $29.95


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