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Goyin Powder

Take GoYin Powder daily to help balance mood and enhance overall well-being.

GoYin is a blend of carefully selected ingredients that can help adapt your body to daily stressors while maintaining healthy energy levels.*

livepure goyin

Individually packaged to make GoYin more convenient and easier to carry.

* Contains the super fruits of goji and mangosteen.
* Made with a proprietary blend of 16 fruits and herbs including longan fruit, goji, astragalus root, jujube, gac fruit, cili fruit, hawthorn berry, sea buckthorn, coriolus versicolor, rhodiola rosea, schisandra berry, tangerine, ginger, mangosteen, durian, and lychee to help promote balance.
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practices.*
* Delivers a good source of vitamins B6 and B12 to support the body's natural metabolic functions and uplift the body's energy levels.*
* Ingredients such as goji, hawthorn berry and blueberry make GoYin an antioxidant powerhouse.


* Nutritionally addresses the negative effects of stress
* Decreases feelings of fatigue
* Helps minimize feelings of anger and frustration
* Promotes a healthy mood by reducing tension and confusion
* Helps boost energy levels*

Key Ingredients

A natural source of vitamin C and polysaccharides, Goji provides nutrition to help support healthy functions of the immune system. Goji also contains high levels of antioxidants.*

Mangosteen contains xanthones, a unique plant-based compound and nutrient found in the fruit's rind. Xanthones may promote healthy bodily functions, including supporting the body's natural defenses, neutralizing free radicals and supporting joint function.*

Hawthorn Berry
Contains naturally occurring flavonoids, which have antioxidant effects.

Schisandra Berry
An adaptogen. May positively affect liver function and adrenal function.*

Rhodiola Rosea (Root)
An adaptogen. Traditionally used to help the body manage fatigue, anxiety and stress.*

Astragalus Root
An adaptogen. Traditionally used to support immune health.*

* All natural
* Non-GMO
* Gluten free

* Dairy free
* Soy free
* Nut free
* No added sugar
* No artificial flavors

Recommended Use:
Mix one packet daily with 4 fl. oz. of cold water. Stir well or shake.

livepure goyin


I would highly recommend this product! It has helped me and some of my children to have more energy and is a great mood stabilizer! I wouldn’t want to be without it!
- Rosene H.

This product is a total game changer for my husband and I. Not only does it taste AMAZING and help out our overall mood; it is a part of our daily routine.
- Heather S.

Can not go without goyin in the morning. When your kids ask "Have you had your happy juice?" You know it's good!!
- Tineil H.

My whole family takes this everday! It helps our home stay a happy home!
- Stephanie

Our whole family love the Goyin and will take it without being reminded. It brings a calmness to our day and is a great mood lifter. We never skip a day.
- Marlene H.

My families balance, won't go a day without it! Loved by all ages.
- Nancy


Go-Yin is one of those products that no family should be without! With today's stresses, it is so important to keep ourselves in a balanced and calm state. Go-Yin assists with finding that balance and calm. I never miss a morning without Go-Yin!
- Barbara

GoYin is a lifesaver whenever we have stress in our lives. We take it daily to keep us balanced and then take extra whenever something happens to knock us off kilter. It works like a charm! children to have more energy and is a great mood stabilizer! I wouldn’t want to be without it!
- Kyria

This product tastes great and fills my body with specific nutrients to help balance things in my body. I've tried a lot of different products and this product tastes good, has good texture, and is effective without compromising with fillers or sweeteners to achieve that.
- Heather S.

Can not go without goyin in the morning. When your kids ask "Have you had your happy juice?" You know it's good!!
- Corrie

GoYin has been super beneficial to stabilizing my moods and the moods of my 16 year old daughter. Now that is a miracle in itself!
- Becky

Our whole family drinks Goyin everyday. We feel less stressed, our gut health is better, and I love knowing I'm giving my kids who hate vegetables the antioxidant benefits of fruits and veggies by drinking a shot of this every morning. The only bad part is that it goes too quickly in a family of five!
- Goyin

This is one of the best products out there. It helps me calm down and I am less stressed. I will never be without this product!
- Jill

I love this product. I have fought mood swings for years and feel I have balance that I have not had in decades!
- Mildred

Goyin helps to keep me calm. I have so many things to do in life. It helps me balance them!- - Maureen

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