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Beyond Dark Chocolate Shake
28 Servings
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Protein Shakes

Beyond Dark Chocolate
with Acai and Blueberry

Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of Beyond Dark Chocolate Shake. This high-antioxidant meal replacement shake is the perfect balance of the world’s finest ingredients—our proprietary blend of cacao, acai, and blueberry, whey protein isolate, prebiotic soluble fiber, essential vitamins & nutrients, and Omega 3, and 19 amino acids - optimized to help you achieve your nutrition goals, lose weight and stay fit.

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Personal Results

This shake is so good I had to have 2 in a row the first day I got it. I drink one or two shakes a day I am hooked on the taste and how well I feel after drinking the shakes.
- Adrian M.

I've tasted a lot of shakes in my journey but NONE have tasted as good or delivered as well as this one! My favorite recipe: 1 heaping scoop of Shake 8 oz oat or almond milk 1 banana 10 almonds a handful of ice Blend for 15 seconds on high Perfect as a breakfast replacement!
And a lot less calories.
I'm at my ideal weight and this shake ensures I stay there :) Enjoy! - SVC Inc.

Beyond Shake is my most favorite product! I lost 45 pounds while consuming this product and substituting two meals per day with the Shake as my secret weapon. It tastes incredible and I can't live without it! - Chocolate House

This is my go to breakfast shake every single morning. I feel so much better when I have this and notice if I skip it. (Which is why I will never skip it) It tastes great and helps me reach my diet goals.

My current favorite recipe is 2 scoops shake mix, 1 cup unsweet vanilla almond milk, 7-8 ice cubes and the Body Melt Greens Superfood. Start your day right with this. Each scoop of this shake includes 850 mg of flavonoids. Google that and you will see why I don't go without it.
- Three Sons Marketing

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