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xelliss a3 caps
A3 Caps
a spirulina powder.
Unique and produced via photobioreactor cultivation,
it provides energy, vitality
and overall well-being
xelliss a3 powder
A3 Powder
Spirulina is a naturally
good source of many
essential nutrients which contribute to a healthy diet.
xelliss europa coffee
Europa Expresso Coffee
Premium Arabica coffee
with spirulina. A traditional
balanced coffee that espresso lovers will appreciate.
Absolutely one of the best!!!
xelliss phycosci am
PhycoSci AM
Spirulina extract
with acerola - vitamin C
xelliss phycosci pm
PhycoSci PM
Spirulina extract with
 cinnamon, ginger
and reishi mushroom.
xelliss phycosci sport
PhycoSci Sport
Spirulina extract with
arginin and folic acid.
garlicwise alliderm gel
Alliderm Gel
Excellent topical support with anti-microbial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
garlicwise allic
GarlicWise Alli-C 
Effective immune
balancing with
antioxidant and anti-
microbial properties.
xelliss microbiome x3
MicroBiome X3
Composed of live Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria, soluble fibre and "A3NAT" high-grade spirulina. These three support weight management.
american dream clear heart
Clear Heart
The ingredients have been shown to help promote healthy circulation, blood flow, and oxygen flow
celljetics cellvida 
CellVida Nutraceutical

9,000 mg of whole fruits and berry extracts. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, & powerful antioxidants.
celljectics protime plus
CellJetics ProTime Plus
Premium Four-Protein Complex High quality grass fed whey
protein concentrate, plus.
aqua ph fx alkalizing water enhancer
Alkalizing Water Enhancer
Instantly and permanently raises the pH of water by approximately 2 full points to make it more alkaline
aqua min from afh club
A powerful electrolyte of more than 70 ionic trace minerals and natural plant complexes
including fulvic acid.
microdaily emf
Micro Daily EMF
Specially formulated
product for 5G and EMF Radiation Defense and Immune System Boost.

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