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PhycoSci PM
250 ml - 31 Servings
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xellis phycosi pm

PhycoSci PM 250 ml

Dietary supplement

Spirulina extract with cinnamon, ginger and reishi mushroom.

Spirulina helps support the immune system.

Phycocyanin one of the phytonutrients present in spirulina, is an immune booster. 

PhycoSci PM: the perfect balance!

A blend with the delicious taste of mango, rich in phycocyanin. Cinnamon, ginger and reishi lend an exotic touch to the mango flavor.

A unique extraction method

PhycoSci PMxellis registered r is produced from Xelliss's high-quality A3Nat spirulina, which is naturally very rich in phycocyanin.

Xelliss carries out the extraction of fresh or freeze-dried spirulina, grown according to its own highly efficient method. This cold process does not use any solvent: the extraction is carried out with water and makes it possible to solubilise the spirulina’s soluble active ingredients, including phycocyanin, one of the essential active nutrients.

The rich extract produced in this way is separated from the microalgae and then cold-dried by lyophilisation - or freeze-drying, which preserves the active ingredients in their native state.

The formula

Thanks to A3Nat spirulina and the method developed, PhycoSci PMxellis registered r is more concentrated in active ingredients. As a result of advances made, the quantity of active ingredients is three times higher, for a reduced daily dose (8 ml versus 16 ml for the first generation).

Xelliss has also reworked the formula to make it of an even high quality. Xelliss uses plant extracts richer in active ingredients and natural flavours. Xelliss has therefore improved the sensory quality. As a result of the much higher active ingredient content, Xelliss has been able to reduce the daily dose volume and, subsequently, lower the daily consumption of glycerol. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is PhycoSci PM For?

Recommended for people who wish to provide their body with a natural source of antioxidants, protect themselves from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, while supporting their immunity with a food supplement with the exotic flavour of mango!


Phycocyanin is one of the active phyto-nutrients in spirulina that stimulates the immune system. Spirulina is a photosynthetic organism that is in contact with several reactive oxygen species. Under these conditions, the microalgae produces a wide variety of antioxidant compounds to protect itself from highly oxidative growth conditions. Phycocyanin is a cyan blue-coloured protein unique to spirulina, which plays an antioxidant role in the cellular structure of the microalgae.


  • Traditionally used to combat colds and to support digestion

  • The rhizome is listed in the European Pharmacopoeia.


  • A rare mushroom picked in its wild state, its nickname 'plant of the mind' comes from its power to soothe mental agitation.

  • In Chinese medicine, reishi is a valuable tonic for Qi, the vital energy that supports the whole body

  • Pleasant Taste

    Thanks to the exotic mango flavor, the algae taste is no longer perceptible, which lends PhycoSci PMxellis registered r a unique flavor, a real taste experience for the consumer.

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