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Detox and Cleanse the Body of Toxins it is SO Important!

Promotes Regularity
and Cleanses the Colon.
this 100-year-old
recipe has been
proven to work.
90 Capsules
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xelliss x3 microbiome
X3 Microbiome
Shrink the Fat
Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria,
soluble fibre and "A3NAT"
high-grade spirulina.
Helps support weight
management. Strengthens
your gut flora to help digests
your food efficiently.
30 Servings - $89.95

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Biome iX
Tributyrin is three butyrate
gets to the colon where
it is needed.
Therefore, butyrate
supplementation holds potential as a means to improve gut health.
60 Gel Caps
$70.00 - $59.95
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cleanse vitality
Cleanse Vitality
Rejuvenates your
body with Acai Berry
while also detoxifying
experience and cleansing
wastes, pathogens, etc.
60 capsules

$39.95 - $9.95
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lurralife dr millers drink 2 shrink detox tea
Drink 2 Shrink Detox Tea
Rids Body of Toxins
and parasites, Cleans the Gastrointestinal System.
Helps with Weight Loss.

2 tea bags - Makes 1 Gallon
$19.95 - $12.95
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