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Scoop of Greens
60 Servings
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Purium’s Scoop of Greens™

Scoop of Greens
has all the benefits of cereal grasses as well whole grain products.

It has been given the Diabetes Resource Center’s Seal of Approval because it is a valuable aid for anyone looking to stabilize and lower blood sugar safely.

Scoop of Greens™:

  • Can support healthy, stable blood glucose levels
  • Can reduce hunger and cravings between meals
  • May support a healthy immune system
  • Can help improve digestion
  • May help increase circulation

Scoop of Greens is a concentrated power food. Scoop of Greens is a convenient drink mix made up of the best organic leafy greens, whole greens, plus alpha lipoic acid. Scoop of Greens powder contains patented ingredients and is a proprietary formula designed by nutritional expert David sandoval. Scoop of Greens is available only from Purium Health Products.

How does it taste?
Tastes like a juicy green apple.

How do I take it?
What will I feel?

What will I feel?
Most people feel energized, and have improvement in digestion, regularity, weight management, and skin tone.

How long before I notice a difference?
Some people can measure a drop in blood glucose after just one glass, but we are asking you to give us 21 days to give you a chance at a new life.

How does it work?
Scoop of Greens is a synergistic combination of super foods, plus alpha lipoid acid. A proper diet is crucial for diabetics and Scoop of Greens is a convenient way to dramatically improve your diet! Scoop of Greens contains the following:

  • Nutritious Greens like Kamut wheatgrass juice and barley green juice, which contain magnesium, a cofactor in many enzyme systems involved in blood sugar control. Diabetics are often magnesium deficient. cereal grasses may also help your digestion, circulation, and immune systems, as well as tonify your skin, through their cleansing, detoxifying actions.

  • Slow Burning Carbohydrates and Whole Grain Nutrition - like Aktivated Barley, studies have shown to be effective at reducing glucose and insulin responses. Aktivated Barley is the slowst burning complex cargohydrate known to man with the highest amount of convertible beta glucan, which is a soluble fiber. Aktivated Barley will also give you sustained energy without the "crash" associated with energy drinks and coffee.

  • Rice Bran Solubles are a rich source of B vitamins and tocotrienols, which are powerful vitamin E-type nutrients. Clinical research shows that Rice Bran Solubles help stabilize blood glucose.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that studies show may help reduce pain, buying, itching and numbness associated with nerve damage caused by diabetes. Studies also indicate that Alpha Lipoic Acid may speed the removal f glucose from the blood in people with diabetes.

  • Lo Han Guo berry contains a natural sweetening agent called Mogroside that is ten times sweeter than fructose- so a small amount means fewer calories.

Preliminary Clinical Evaluation of  Scoop Of Greens™ Product In Subjects
with Type II Diabetes Mellitus - PDF

Ingredient mg per serving
Aktivated Barley 3000
Rice Bran Solubles 3000
Kamut Grass Juice 750
Barley Grass Juice 750
Alpha Lipoic Acid 50
Apple Flavoring 400
Lohan 20
Mix one scoop (8 grams) of powder with 6-8 ounces of pure water, mix or shake and enjoy. Take 2-3 times per day on an empty stomach.

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