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Rain Bryt - Brain Power in a Capsule

What is Bryt?

BRYT is an all-natural nootropic that combines that combines the power of seeds with other, scientifically-backed ingredients.

A nootropic typically refers to a product whose ingredient deck supports healthy brain function, manages stress levels, and increases cognitive reaction. BRYT does all that and a whole lot more.

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How does Bryt help your body?

Consider BRYT the most powerful brainfood you've ever experienced. Far too many individuals neglect this essential part of their diet, so, we've made it easy. Each ingredient was specifically handpicked by our Scientific Advisory Board to feed your brain the nutrients it needs to function at its highest level. Each capsule acts as a power-packed fuel cell that supercharges all of your mind's facilities.

HOW TO USE: Take 2-3 tablets each day.

- Increases cognition
- Increases memory
- Increases neuron activity
- Enhances creativity
- Provides natural energy
- Combats degenerative brain diseases
- Boosts recollection and recall

Key Ingredients

Lion's Mane: One of the most widely-researched mushrooms in the world. Known for its ability to boost neurological activity and recovery. Lion's Mane is also though to help aid with Alzheimer's, dementia, anxiety management, and stress levels.

I-theanine: Is a essential amino acid whose ability to energize key hormones with the brain is crucial to BRYT. It not only produces natural energy, but has the ability to calm anxiety and increase endorphins.

Watermelon Seed: Contains high levels of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as key vitamins that assist in healthy brain function. Additionally, its antioxidant profile helps ward off damaging free-radicals.

Chia Seed: Packed with healthy fats and amino acids, the Chia Seed provides fuel and nourishment to the brain to increase cognitive ability and overall recall.



A nootropic is a supplement whose ingredients are highly beneficial for the brain. In fact, you could call it brain food. These supplements promote brain clarity and more.


Absolutely. This is part of the magic of nootropics. This energy boost you’re feeling is a natural reaction to the nootropic. (You can use it to replace caffeine).

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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