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African Mango
Weight Loss
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African Mango - Weight Loss

With the help of the African Mango, you can accelerate your metabolism, and it has become a unique ingredient in weight loss products and personal diets. It’s not the actual fruit that proclaims to be beneficial for weight loss, but the extract from the seed which has an abundance of fiber and healthy fats.

Formula Purposes & Benefits
African Mango Liquid Burn is a natural thermogenic aid that can support fat burning during exercise, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy inflammation response, and immune health.

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Our formula utilizes 11 herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and superfoods in a powerful combination resulting in a world class formula.

Our formula utilizes evidence based efficacious dosages of ingredients to take your weight loss, exercise performance, and health to the next level.

Formula Ingredient Deck - Benefits Of Each Ingredient 


* Natural vasodilator precursor to increased nitric oxide levels (1).
* Supports immune function by maturation of the T cell (immune cell) receptor zeta (TCR) (2.)
* Improves exercise performance via increased stroke volume (blood flow) and increased nutrient delivery to exercising muscle. (3).
* Reduces arterial blood pressure, insulin resistance, and supports fat lipolysis (fat burning) (4).


* Supports cardiovascular health and exercise performance by increasing production of l-arginine (5).
* L-Ornithine supports kidney health and protein metabolism by converting ammonia (toxic by product of protein metabolism) into urea in urine (5).
* Reduces stress hormone (cortisol) and improves sex hormone profile via increase in DHEA (sex hormone precursor) (6).
* Improves perceived mood, sleep quality, and decreased subjective feelings derived from stress (5).

African Mango

* Supports appetite regulation (7).
* Reduces leptin hormone and supports improved blood glucose levels (7).
* Supports reduction of total cholesterol, body fat, and plasma glucose (blood sugar) (7).
* Supports healthy inflammatory response by reducing c-reactive protein (inflammation levels) in the body (7).


* Improves fat burning (oxidation) by shuttling triglycerides into the mitochondria for fat metabolism (8).
* Improves cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease by increasing l-carnitine as a fuel source for the brain (8).
* Improves fat burning(oxidation) in muscle tissue during exercise (8).
* The precursor to acetylcholine (8).
* Improves memory by increasing hippocampal volume associated with fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) (8).

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

* Major B vitamin that supports cardiovascular health by inhibiting hepatic(liver) triglyceride synthesis, reducing very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) secretion and increasing HDL plasma concentrations (9).
* Reduces conversion of VLDL into LDL proteins and serum lipoprotein concentrations in plasma (blood) (9). Vital for regulation of gene expression, cell cycle progression, and DNA repair, and cell death (9).
* Supports healthy inflammatory response via antioxidant and anti-apoptotic (prevention of cell death) properties (9).
* Prevents pathologies(diseases) such as Pellagra and reduces the prevalence of nervous anorexia, cancer, and Crohn’s disease (10, 11).
* Supports sensitization of tumors to radiation via apoptosis (cell death) cascade of the tumor mass and improves oxygen delivery to malignant tissues (cancer cells) (12).
* Supports cognitive health by reducing the age-related decline of NAD+, increasing quinolinic acid, and reducing neuroinflammation (9).
* Increased niacin-associated NAD+ levels have been shown to increase neurotransmission, learning, and memory (9).
* Niacin reduces the prevalence of neurodegenerative pathologies by preventing mitochondrial dysfunction (9).

Macca Root

* Supports female hormonal health via increased sex drive, improved post-menopausal symptoms, and improved sexual desire (13).
* Increases luteinizing hormone (LH) production and reduced severity of menstruation (13).
* Increases sperm count in males via androgenic mechanisms associated with free testosterone increase (13).


* Improves exercise performance, increases nutrient delivery to exercising muscle, and reduces lactate associated neurological exercise fatigue (15).
* Reduces carnosine (muscle acidity) levels and acts as an intramuscular ph buffer (15).
* Reduces lactate "burn" associated fatigue during extreme exercise (15).


* Supports immune health, improves blood sugar regulation, and reduces inflammatory markers seen in gastrointestinal chronic diseases (16).
* Improves insulin resistance by reduction of inflammatory blood markers, increasing glucose uptake by exercising skeletal muscle, and improving glycogen (storage form of carbohydrates) synthesis (17).


* Most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle that fuels immune cells, improves exercise recovery and optimizes gut microbiome (18).
* Vital for lymphocyte (immune cell) proliferation (growth) and paramount in neutrophil (immune cell) destruction of bacteria (18).
* Vital for activation of genetic signals that support immune function and vitality (18).
* Glutamine is utilized by immune cells at high rates during catabolic conditions (post-surgery, sepsis, burns, and extreme exercise (18).

Pygeum Africanum

* Supports healthy testosterone levels, improves prostate health, and reduces chronic inflammation (19).

Proper Use of This Supplement
Suggested Use:

Adults take 10 drops, 3 times per day, or as directed by a health care professional. Place drops under the tongue. For children under 12 years of age, consult a physician before use.

Our Formula Vs Other Formulas on the Market.

1. Uses third-party independently tested ingredients that are made in the USA, GMP certified, and made in an FDA registered facility. 1. Source cheap ingredients from heavily polluted soils. Even "organic" supplements not third-party tested have been removed by FDA due to high levels of heavy metals.
2. Utilizes quality evidence-based thermogenic aids.

3. Contains high quality thermogenic agents in an evidence based formula.

2. Uses very low dosages of thermogenic aids comprising mostly fillers.

3. Contains unnecessary cheap/ toxic ingredients in a liquid formula.

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