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A healthy immune system is a key factor of overall health. Defend Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may support immunity through vibrotactile stimulation - making it easier to maintain overall health.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.

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Personal Results

With my crazy heel spur I'm also walking funny 😳 Placing Liberty patch on my ankle area Freedom pain patch right on my heel And yes Defend patch arch of foot Pain subsides in less than five minutes Couldn't be without my patches 🙏🏻 ✅Freedom ✅Liberty ✅Defend Oh my focus patch on my arm Love it energy for driving clarity no brain fog 🙏🏻 - Elsa W.

I have been updating my hubby's journey with Parkinson's over the last 3 yrs and what Voxxlife products have done for him. The Freedom patch has been a lifesaving. Most with Parkinson's have pain issues which seem to intensify due to the disease. The Freedom patch has given him a new lease in life. With all the struggles he's has to endure this patch has given him the relief needed to go through his days with less pain. Another issue that affects those with Parkinson's is depression, and anxiety. His days were fill worriedness that he slept his days away. It's been weeks since wearing the Peace patch and a huge difference has occurred. His days are filled with laughter and peace. He no longer sleeps his days away. He always seems to find something to do. Our next step is to use the Flow patch which will help with cognitive decline. These patches, Liberty, Defend, Freedon and Peace have given him the wellness he needs daily to function with his Parkinson's. I'm grateful daily for Jay and his team at Voxxlife for the development of these amazing products. Thank you. ❤️ - Sue H.

The FREEDOM pain patch works so well... I got bit or attacked by an earwig and my finger swelled and was very painful. I applied the patch on the top of my hand and also the DEFEND patch just next to it - pain gone in a few minutes and the next morning 🥳 no swelling ❤️ back to normal!!! #painfreeliving - Anne G.

DEFEND PATCH FOR THE WIN! Started feeling bad during the night. I tested positive with the Covid virus. I have never had this before I was expecting mild symptoms. Well, within hours, I was hit with hacking flem, headache, chills with a fever, body aches and I could not function at all. Every time I tried to get up I would feel dizzy so I had to lay down. My throat progressively got worse and it was extremely difficult to swallow. Within 24 hours, I had lost my voice. To add to this, I could not sleep despite trying and I kept tossing and turning. I went to bed at midnight and couldn't get up for almost 17 hours. I tried to drink as much fluid as I possibly could but my throat was sore I briefly got up around 4:30pm and put on a DEFEND PATCH. and I am so happy I did. For the rest of the day/night I was in and out of sleep. I was finally able to sit up. Within a few hours, I was able to get up and move around and I was able to eat food outside on the deck while I soaked in some sunshine I hadn't seen in 2 days. Later that day, I started feeling so much better that I was getting my voice back and I was able to share my experience with other Voxxlife users. I have heard many similar stories of how this patch strengthens our immune system. I am extremely grateful for this as I do not wish this on anyone. However, in case you do, I would highly recommend wearing it on a daily basis.
- Norm L.

I love how I breathe so clearly with the Defend patch on! Might sound silly, but... that's the first thing I notice. I just breathe better. Might I also add our Type 1 Diabetic 13yr old went to spend the week at church camp away from us amongst many others. Meaning he would sleep in a dorm room and be around 100s of others. I made sure he wore the Defend patch (which helps with immunity) and let me say.... 4 other boys and the counselor that took our group got sick. This counselor was the one dealing with my son when he was high or low. Guess what?
He wore that patch every day to protect his immune system and it did just that. The others ended the week with Covid and my boy never ever got sick!! I first thanked God, then I was super grateful for the Defend patch!! We will never go a day without it!!! - Kari H.

BAD ALLERGIES? AMAZING RELIEF 🥰 I was up at our brand-new hunt camp and my nephew had terrible allergies. I had yet to get him to try the NeuroVax patch and didn't realize that allergies still existed even in the fall. He was complaining and it was obvious how it was affecting him negatively. I said try this patch and see what happens, I can't guarantee anything but it's worth a shot 🤔 DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁🥁🥁. I am pleased to announce that after 2 hours of wearing the patch his sinuses cleared and he was shocked. After 4 days of using the patch, I told him not to put one on the 5th day 😍 GUESS WHAT? His sinuses filled back up and he was having a rough time so I said " put a patch on so we know for sure it has to be the patch". END RESULT? In 2 hours he cleared up again and he said he won't go without anymore because he is sick of taking medication to help it, if at all ❤️ All I can say is giver a go as this may be the solution you have been searching for 👏👏👏 - Paul A.

"Just left my eye dr appointment. I was always told I had astigmatism in my left eye. Today it's dropped down drastically from just 1 year ago. What have I done differently worn my Voxxlife products daily and consistently for the last 5 years. I use Defend now and Flow. My eyes are getting better as I need a prescription change for less powerful glasses. Age isn't making my eyes worse." - Terri J.

After listening to Jay on Saturday, I started wearing his trifecta of patches. Liberty, Defend, Flow! I am excited that I now can complete my daily Wordle in 2-3 words!!! Now I am addicted to Wordle!!!! - Tippy M.

Hay fever and other allergic reactions much improved with the very-easy-to-wear Defend patch. - Stuart H.

"My mom had a major open heart sugery a week ago. They would not let her wear the patches since they did not understand them. Tonight in the rehab facility they said she could. They checked her oxygen and it was low. I put the defend patch on her and asked them to check it again before the oxygen. It raised her levels enough she did not need oxygen any more. The nurse was shocked. Not me I know the power of these patches. They did allow her to wear the socks in the hospital since I had gotten her the ones with grip. To them they were just socks. Shocked her Dr how fast she is recovering." - Chanda W.

"I was feeling a bit under the weather when I came in from work on Saturday & with travel planned this week I really wanted to avoid picking up anything that may force me to cancel this trip. I grabbed a Defend patch, popped on my arm then crawled into bed. I woke up the next morning and the fatigue, runny nose & body aches I had been feeling had stopped in their tracks! By morning I was feeling so much better & was confident I could keep my travel plans in place! Can't wait to jump on the plane & head to my weekend conference with confidence! Yes, I'll keep myself patched up as I travel this week - so thankful for these little gems." - Deidre S.

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