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If you have ever felt completely absorbed in something, you might have been experiencing flow. Achieving flow can help people feel greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement in what they are doing.

The Flow Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may improve general wellness through vibrotactile stimulation allowing users to naturally experience improved attention, clarity, and calmness.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.


the super patch

Personal Results

My grandson has ADHD, and we are away from home, camping. Forgot his meds. By early morning he was so antsy. I asked him if he would be ok if I put a patch on him, such an agreeable 9 yr old. Within 30 minutes of wearing the Flow patch he was so calm and focused. When he takes his meds he has no appetite, not with the patch!!! Love his technology!!! - Sue H.

OMG My husband has been wearing for a week. He's 86 with Dementia. What a difference in him this week. Everyone who sees him wants to know what we're doing. Communicative, joking and present. So grateful - Diane D.

It calmed me and my brain better than the ADHD med ever have. - Chanda W.

Driving for 7 hours, with a 1-hour stop-off at my son's university at the weekend. I used the FLOW patch on Sunday because it is supposed to "help people feel greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement in what they are doing." and "improved attention, clarity, and calmness." Let me tell you, this is a great patch for drivers. Several times on the journey, I was cut up by idiots, tailgated by morons, and undercut by half-wits but each time, I was able to rationally and calmly deal with each situation and drive better than them. I also felt highly alert all time, even when my passenger was asleep beside me for the 3.5-hour return leg. - Stuart H.

I had been using a very effective brain supplement since 2014. To save money, 6 weeks ago I decided to try less expensive supplements. It didn't take long to realize the less expensive brain supplements were... not... cutting... it. I switched to the Super Flow patch not quite a week ago and I’m excited to share... they work! I go to a lot of meet-ups and as I gave my 30 second spill 3 days ago, the words "flowed" out of my mouth quickly without hesitation with precision and clarity! That’s when I realized... they work very well! Grateful! - Lena C.

"I LOVE Super Patches! Here's one very special reason why... For those of you who are unaware, my mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia 5 years ago. It's been an "interesting", and sometimes, difficult learning curve... Because I'm in the Super Patch arena, I became aware of their FLOW patch, which helps attention, and that some customers testimonials had mentioned that they had seen improvement in family members with dementia who were wearing them. So, with my father, we decided to try to them on my mom. She's been wearing them for about the last month. Today, mom had an appointment with her Geriatric Doctor who keeps tabs on her memory. In 2021, her last in person appointment, she scored a 17 on the memory test. Today, in 2023 she scored a 21!!!! Her doctor said that it WAS possible that the patch had helped her attention & focus. That's all I needed to hear.
My father and I are totally convinced:). It's not a cure, but it has helped clear a little bit of the fog. ✌🏻" - Nadia B. t>

My mom has Alzheimer's. On December 10, in anticipation of taking her to a surprise 60th wedding anniversary party, I put Flow and Peace patches on her.  She did really well that day. She continued to wear them, and when they came to us for Christmas, dad said that she had barely stopped knitting since I had left two weeks previous. This was pretty awesome because she had all but forgotten how to knit. She get halfway through the roll, and couldn't remember how to make the next stitch, and she certainly could not remember how to cast off. She continue to make scarves here for her first week until I dug out jigsaw puzzles. She did three jigsaws of over 500 pieces each in six days! This absolutely would not have been possible without those two patches! I've got the same ones on my dad, but we aren't having as good results with him. his memory loss has more to do with stress and Covid fog. I am planning on adding the defend patch to his regimen. I am SO THANKFUL! - Marvel M.

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