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Focus is the key to playing, learning, and creating. Distractions, and challenges focusing, can take the fun and performance out of what we want to do in school or elsewhere.

The Focus Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may improve general wellness through vibrotactile stimulation allowing users to naturally experience improved focus and clarity.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.

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Personal Results

I have been testing the Focus patch for myself and found that the first time I wore it was the evening of last week's call. I put it on about 15 minutes before the call and it literally felt like my whole body "woke up". I was so alert and able to really pay attention to Jay and what he was saying. After the call, I was able to share what I learned with my teammates that didn't make the call and then take my dog for a nice long walk and do more work when I got back! I am finding the same experience every time I wear it - which has not been every day, and I do remove it at bedtime because I'm not sure I can sleep with my brain being this alert!  
- Theresa Z.

My best friend has a learning/processing disability. I gave her the Focus patch to try and she has noticed a definite difference. Things that would get her anxious and upset are no longer doing so. She left one off for a day and was back to where she had been. - Wendy T.

With my crazy heel spur I'm also walking funny 😳 Placing Liberty patch on my ankle area Freedom pain patch right on my heel And yes Defend patch arch of foot Pain subsides in less than five minutes Couldn't be without my patches 🙏🏻 ✅Freedom ✅Liberty ✅Defend Oh my focus patch on my arm Love it energy for driving clarity no brain fog 🙏🏻 - Elsa W.

"Our NEW pain patch combined with HPT is making a huge difference for me with aches and pains from monthly back cramps to burning hips after walking! 🥳🙏💃 And so far the focus and flow patch are proving extremely helpful for me in getting focused, staying focused, and getting tasks completed in one shot! I mean look, I made it this far in the post didn't I 🤣 and I am quite enjoying the calmness it brings with it! My daughter is trying it now at school, details to follow!! ❤️💫 Feeling blessed that this company continues to create and deliver the most ground breaking technologies, they've truly blessed my family 🙏 and I have personally helped hundreds of people to find relief and improved help! " - Nancy J.

"I'm so excited for Kiya!! Just returned from her IEP meeting!!! Follow up on Kiya's goal to get off medications that's she's been on since the age of 4. She was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum with ADHD, mood disorders, PTSD, extreme anxiety and sleep disorder. Kiya wears the Bella insoles with the HPT technology in her shoes, plus she is also wearing the Peace, Focus and Flow patches. It's been 6 weeks now and she has achieved so much in this short period of time. She has gone from a D student not able to focus to an A and B student!!

Everyone in the meeting couldn't believe how well she can focus now, no issues anymore with shaking nervousness. Her concentration is on target!!! I'm so happy she took a chance with this amazing technology. Because of her sensory issues, it was a struggle at first to get her to wear the patches God bless the developer "Jay Dhaliwal" of this amazing technology and to all the others who make these miracles happen. Thank you. "- Sue H.

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