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Pain management is a key factor of an enjoyable lifestyle. Less pain leads to greater mobility and energy. Freedom Patch provides on the go relief from minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with exercise, chores and daily activities.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.

the super patch

Personal Results

I have always found dental cleanings fact I prefer to have a cavity filled than my teeth cleaned. I put a Freedom Patch on before leaving for my latest dental cleaning. I couldn't believe the difference! I was comfortable with only a few spikes of pain though all were tolerable. I even asked the hygienist if she was using a lower water pressure than normal-nope :) I will never go to a cleaning without a Freedom Patch on. I love that it handles all of my aches and pains from headaches to knee to even dental cleanings. - Sue H.

In the middle of the night, my 12 yr old granddaughter woke me up with pain in her lower abdominal area. I felt the lower intestines and the area was puffy and very sore. I asked her when was the last time she took a poop, and she said I don't remember. I knew that she was constipated, unfortunately, I have nothing in my home that would've helped her with her pooping. She couldn't fall asleep as the pain was keeping her awake. I put a Freedom patch on the area of pain, and within minutes the pain was gone. A few hours later she woke and emptied herself. One happy little girl. I'm sure once she was able to relax her body took over and Woohoo crisis over. - Alicia D.

My mom had a root canal done and put the freedom patch on she didn't say she noticed it immediately but I disagree because she was talking normal within five minutes of me putting it on. But then then next day she said she did notice. - Laurena W.

My husband has terrible pain in his legs and the Freedom Patch gave him noticeable difference in 4 days. - Nancy J.

I was really impressed. Woke up and my low back was really bothering me and it was taken down hugely in only a few short moments - Lee-Ann H.

The freedom patch in my eyes is AMAZING. I have 3 bulging disc's one of which has had this burning sensation for years I put a freedom patch on and within an hour the burning was gone ... 3 days now no burning my fingers have not gone numb this is soooo exciting for me. I find they stick really well I used rubbing alcohol and dry it really well before applying I can even shower with them on. - Karen L.

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Pinery Market as we have a weekly booth. Mom had extreme pain in her back which she had all day Sat as well. I put a freedom patch on her mid back and within 10 minutes her pain was gone. She spent today on her feet and still no pain. Win for Freedom patch. - Bryna B.

What began in a simple conversation ended in LOVE! Who else is loving these new patches!?
I Sat down in a hockey dressing room and a mom was telling me how much pain she is in with her joints and can barely walk. I whipped out my freedom and liberty patches out of my purse gave her 4 each and told her to let me know how she feels in 4 days! BOOM! Just like that 😁 I love what I do and love the simplicity of these and know they will help her! We talk to people every single day and people love to tell us their issues. A Humans natural default is to tell you their problems. We have a patch for all of their issues to solve their problems. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? It truly is that simple 😉 Get this tech on everyone you know everyone has something they struggle with.  Don't keep this a secret people NEED what we have!
- Kelly N.

Oh my gosh. So I cut my finger today. Every time I touched my finger it hurt. So I put a liberty patch on and then a freedom one. It worked immediately. The last time I put on a pain patch it took 24 hours to work. I know the trick now. - Bridget J.

Love the Victory. I don’t think you have to be a hardcore athlete to benefit from them, but someone who is physically active. I’m an avid but not competitive cyclist and they help with my recovery time. Wear them in conjunction with Defense mostly and with Freedom when I have or anticipate pain. - Noelle L.

Nothing short of AMAZING! None of us could believe her range of motion and pain relief... with no drugs! - Sue H.

My son stepped wrong at work and injured this left knee. His pain level was at a 10 when he got home. I put a Freedom patch on just below his knee. 1/2 hour later his pain level dropped to a 6. One hour after the placement of the patch pain level is down to a 3. He's one happy guy. Woo hoo love the Freedom Patch. - Relly K.

Today I put it on my back and my pain went down a lot. My back is bad since I had covid with coughing. But I tried our new pain patch and I felt the pain was very less.
- Brooke M.

Had a terrible migraine yesterday put a freedom super patch on back of right shoulder as that is the side my migraine started on and slept straight through the night!!
Feeling back great today!!! - Carol S.

OMG! I don't get headaches often but I noticed one coming on earlier today. I had dinner plans and didn't want the headache to interfere with the evening so I took a couple of ibuprofen around 3 pm and hoped for the best. Well, the headache persisted and got worse. By 9 pm my head was pounding and really hurt. I realized that my neck was hurting and thought the headache might be from that so I opened my Freedom patch packet and placed a patch on the back of my neck. Two minutes later my headache was gone. I don't know why I'm surprised... I've been wearing this technology for 4 & 1/2 years now and I'm still surprised when magical things like this happen. Btw, the neck pain is subsiding too. - Jeanne P.

"Listen up, on Saturday night out of nowhere I started getting a sore throat. Later that night, I had a massive headache, aches and pain all over and chills. I was bedridden with all of these symptoms all of Sunday until Monday afternoon. I decided to do a covid test and sure enough I tested positive. My first thought was ""Oh no"" , as the last time I had Covid I was sick for 5 weeks. Then I said to myself I got this, I can fix this with the neuro tech. I immediately slapped on a Liberty, a Victory, a Defend, and a Freedom patch and let it do its work. We are now Tuesday and I have no headache, no more aches and pains, and no more sore throat. I'm still testing positive and coughing but hopeful this will be over much sooner than I had anticipated I can't say enough about these super patches . Our wellness is the foundation to our quality of life as it affects us physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially."
- Mike F.

I just received my patches I've had shoulder pain for 6 months. Put a freedom patch and pain is gone. I'm a believer - Niora A.

Just in from my dad, a retired GP. ( I think the new study results encouraged him to try the freedom patches. Hip pain went from 4.5/5 to 1.5 within 30 min and 10 hours later is still a happy man! - Kimberly R.

I have tried the super patch for pain and it helps me when I'm having a bad pain day. I have MS and broke my foot and leg last summer. In two weeks I'm having a knee replacement and I plan on wearing these daily to help with the recovery. Also I just purchased the rem sleep and ignite to give them a try based on how the pain patch works for me. I can't afford to use them daily but I believe strongly in alternatives to tradition medicine when possible. Symptom management is difficult with chronic illness and it's a non invasive nothing to loose situation.
- Customer for Life

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