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Improving how we move and change direction are cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and daily activity. Whether going up or down stairs, walking, running, working, or playing, Liberty Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may assist in better balance and stability - key components to maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.


the super patch

Many Personal Results

Got my patches in the mail so instead of taking Advil I walked out to the mailbox and retrieved my patches. Trust me it was all I could do, my feet by that time hurt so bad I could hardly walk! I put a Liberty patch on and contemplated a Freedom but thought I’d wait to give the Liberty time to work. Within about 15 to 20 minutes my pain had subsided and felt a lot better! - Jan F

Liberty. 24/7. We didn’t have the patches then. Socks and insoles 24/7. It took about 4 months to be totally pain free after 25+ years of severe plantar fasciitis. That was 5 1/2 years ago. Never an issue since. Jump out of bed at any time, pain free! - Paul V.

What began in a simple conversation ended in LOVE! Who else is loving these new patches!?
I Sat down in a hockey dressing room and a mom was telling me how much pain she is in with her joints and can barely walk. I whipped out my freedom and liberty patches out of my purse gave her 4 each and told her to let me know how she feels in 4 days! BOOM! Just like that I love what I do and love the simplicity of these and know they will help her! We talk to people every single day and people love to tell us their issues. A Humans natural default is to tell you their problems. We have a patch for all of their issues to solve their problems. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? It truly is that simple 😉 Get this tech on everyone you know everyone has something they struggle with 💜 Don't keep this a secret people NEED what we have! - Bryna B

Oh my gosh. So I cut my finger today. Every time I touched my finger it hurt. So I put a liberty patch on and then a freedom one. It worked immediately. The last time I put on a pain patch it took 24 hours to work. I know the trick now. - Kelly N.

"Listen up , on Saturday night out of nowhere I started getting a sore throat. Later that night, I had a massive headache, aches and pain all over and chills. I was bedridden with all of these symptoms all of Sunday until Monday afternoon. I decided to do a covid test and sure enough I tested positive. My first thought was ""Oh no"" , as the last time I had Covid I was sick for 5 weeks. Then I said to myself I got this, I can fix this with the neurotech. I imediately slapped on a Liberty, a Victory, a Defend, and a Freedom patch and let it do its work. We are now Tuesday and I have no headache, no more aches and pains, and no more sore throat. I'm still testing positive and coughing but hopeful this will be over much sooner than I had anticipated I can't say enough about these super patches . Our wellness is the foundation to our quality of life as it affects us physically, emotionally ,psychologically and financially." - Jeanne P.

At the moment these Super Patches Helped a Lot to my Dearest Husband's struggles of Pain. The Specialist gave him strong pain reliever But I told her the side effects of that makes him crazy. Oh made him Koku? Yes and I laughed 🤣 so given a milder one and with the Big help in combination with different Super Patches. Also Big Advantage of being in Training especially during our Summer Camp with Dr Sylvia. A combination of DEFEND, LIBERTY, FREEDOM and VICTORY is really GREAT! These were what he's using right now! Wednesday was the Big operation Day, night time even there was still No Pain because of what they gave in the hospital I let him take the medication to anticipate the Big pain the Specialist was saying. Thursday he took only 5 tabs instead of 8 in a day Friday just 3 the whole day because of that shooting pain. So Now these Super Patches worked in his physiological system Big Time. Milder side effects from the medication and saves his liver. Today is Saturday and still No complaints of pain, sleeping great too! and by the way.... I or we cheated the Teams of Medical Practitioners in MGH the night before the operation, I patched him DEFEND on his arm then on the day of the operation I patched another FREEDOM on his buttocks. arriving home I patched him VICTORY. - Niora A.

I've been working in the hotel industry for 30 years. Long days, thousands of steps, lifting, pushing, pulling of equipment. My rides home are about 30 minutes. When getting out of the car & walking into the house I'm bent over like I'm still in the car seat. Muscles tight, body aches all over. I came across the patches Nov. '22. Put a Liberty patch on. The next day when I got home from work I had no pain getting out of my car & walked right into my house upright. No being bent over, no body aches. Have more energy, better balance/mobility & stability. Better recovery. It's life changing for me. - Stephen P.

My 13 year old daughter has been having problems sleeping. Being 13 is rough business!! We had her start wearing the REM patch about 2 weeks ago. She reported she woke up only a couple of times the first night, "maybe once" the second night, and has been sleeping through the night after that. I had her try a night without the patch this past weekend and she came upstairs and said "NEVER AGAIN" was she sleeping without it!! - she woke up multiple times that night and still felt tired that morning. I love that we have this drug free solution for her and no worries about side effects!! Joann L.

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