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Strength, power, balance, agility, and recovery are the pillars for the highest levels of athletic performance. Get it all with the Victory Patch.

Victory Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may improve general wellness by enhancing the user's flow of energy, sense of balance, stamina, and strength making it easier for the body to maintain overall health and performance at the highest level.

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Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patch.

the super patch

Personal Results

Love the Victory. I don't think you have to be a hardcore athlete to benefit from them, but someone who is physically active. I'm an avid but not competitive cyclist and they help with my recovery time. Wear them in conjunction with Defense mostly and with Freedom when I have or anticipate pain. - Bridget J.

Thank you, Jay, for the Freedom patch. Wore it before, during, and after oral surgery.
No pain! Wore the Peace patch and Boomhi socks. No stress. Wore both the Liberty and Victory patches. Recovered quickly. Wore the Defend patch. Feel protected!💯 - Stacey H.

"Blame it on the patch or the genetics... But my nephew played a HECK of a baseball game! They won the championship after 3 games today! 6 hours of baseball.... and he took the W!
 I'm gonna shout that the victory patch had soooo much to do with it! Like- who wouldn't want this on their kid to improve their athletic performance?!?! - Kari H.

"Omgsh like I can not handle all the excitement. Victory patch rocks. I decided to try it today. It's our athletic performance patch. It's for athletes on the highest performance And me lol. It helps strengthen power balance AGILITY and recovers time. I did this whole 30-minute exercise. With full energy, my stability improved by 75% on my left side my magical socks help with it too but the victory patch took it to a whole other level. The steps that I take with this life-changing product bring tears of joy. every new additional product brings more healing to my heart and soul. impossible is possible. It reminds me even when you think you are done you are not. God /universe has our backs. Remember what I say our difficult moments will bring us to the most incredible places. We're not buried we are planted for incredible life mission purpose and passion. On the other side of a struggle is a huge ass reward.
Tears of joy. I prayed just to take a few steps without insane pain but God blessed me on a whole other level. Blessed I am" - Irene V.

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