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Organic Super Protein
20 Servings
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Organic Super Protein for your active life!

Organic Super Protein is everything you've been looking for in a protein shake.
You get certified organic, clean, complete plant proteins all sourced from superfoods!
This smooth and satisfying vanilla shake is easy to make and tastes great.

* Complete protein blend of pea, rice, hemp, quinoa, amaranth, and millet

touchstone essentials organic super protein
* Organic MCTs from coconut for lasting energy and metabolism support
* Essential Omegas from superfoods - chia seed, flax seed, and sacha inchi
* Easy to digest (no uncomfortable bloat) with plant-based enzymes
* No soy, no dairy, no gluten, no GMOs, no toxic additives!

Organic Super Protein is the perfect fit for your busy life.
Complete plant proteins help you get through everyday activities with ease,
and give extra support for an active lifestyle.

* ORGANIC PROTEIN TO SUPPORT A HEALTHY BODY: Fuel your body with clean, complete superfoods and organic plant proteins rich in BCAAs to support healthy muscles.

* HEALTHY, FAST SUPERFOOD: Enjoy the convenience of this satisfying protein shake that is simple to make and easy to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

* CREAMY VANILLA PROTEIN SHAKE: Deliciously smooth, filling and easy to digest without any soy, dairy or added sugar, so you can feel good about how you fuel your body.

* HEALTHY MUSCLES AND BODY: Power your body with certified organic, non-GMO, gluten- free and vegan ingredients. Nothing artificial and made in the USA.

* 18 GRAMS OF PLANT PROTEIN: Each serving includes vital MCTs, organic omegas and digestive enzymes to keep you feeling your best.

touchstone essentials gluten free

Organic Super Protein comes with two premium blends
that combine to make one clean, complete, protein powerhouse.

Superfood Protein Blend: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Fermented Rice Protein, Organic Hemp Protein, Lo Han Berry Extract, Organic Quinoa Sprout, Organic Amaranth Sprout, Organic Millet Sprout, Organic Horsetail, Bamboo Extract

Optimal Omega, MCT & Digestive Blend: Organic Coconut Oil Powder Extract, Organic Guar Gum, Organic Sacha Inchi, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Flax Seed, Enzyme Blend (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, and Lipase), Organic Aloe Vera

touchstone essentials organic super protein facts

Complete superfood protein to support healthy muscles.

This deliciously smooth and satisfying vanilla shake is different because you get complete proteins from organic superfoods giving you protein that is nutritious and easily absorbed.

Superfood Protein: Smooth, satisfying, and supports healthy muscles

Every serving provides 18g of superfood protein for filling, satisfying energy. A blend of organic pea, organic fermented rice, and organic hemp provides complete proteins rich in branched-chain amino acids for muscle growth and maintenance. These complete proteins also provide the amino acids your body needs for collagen synthesis, supporting a healthy body and skin health.

Ancient superfood grains high in protein are included in sprouted form for maximum nutrient value. You'll find organic quinoa sprout, organic amaranth sprout and organic millet sprout. These ancient superfoods are readily absorbed with NO digestive discomfort.

Other protein powders use whey (milk derived) or soy derivatives which can create health challenges. Organic Super Protein is dairy and soy free.

Organic MCTs: Lasting energy and metabolism support

Organic coconut gives a deliciously smooth taste and comes with MCTs--medium chain triglycerides--a type of plant fat that is readily converted into usable energy. MCTs also help create a feeling of fullness so you’re not craving unhealthy foods.

The coconut combined with vanilla makes for a deliciously creamy and smooth shake that you’ll love to make.

High in Omegas: Essential fatty acids for muscle and heart health

Forget rancid fish oil (or fish burps) to get your Omegas. We include organic superfoods that are naturally high in essential fatty acids (EFAs) to support muscles and heart health.

Inside you'll find the omega superfoods taking the natural health world by storm: organic chia seed, organic flax seed, along with organic sacha inchi an Amazonian superfood full of Omega-3s that is easily absorbed.

Easy to Digest: No belly bloat or digestive discomfort

Most protein powders are hard on the gut because they include protein sources that are hard to absorb. They may also come with toxic additives that disrupt the delicate ecosystem that is your microbiome.

Organic Super Protein is sourced from superfoods that are readily absorbed, AND we've added a full suite of plant-based digestive enzymes that make it even gentler on your system. Plus our formula includes organic aloe vera, renowned as a natural digestive aid so you can avoid belly bloat. It's gluten free, soy free, dairy free and free of toxic additives!

Healthy Fast Food: Easy to mix and drink at home or on-the-go

When you're in a rush to eat, healthy foods are often the first thing that gets sacrificed.
No more. With Organic Super Protein you can supplement any meal with organic superfoods, or whip up a post-workout shake in no time.

Simply add two scoops to water, coconut water or your favorite nut milk and mix it up for a deliciously healthy shake. With no added sugar and only 110 calories per serving, you’ll be amazed at just how smooth and creamy this vanilla goodness is from start to finish.


Best protein shake for what I look fir. Dairy free, great flavour and filled with the good stuff. Makes a great alternative to a meal, or used as a delicious snack. I use them alongside eating a balanced diet. - Sara N.

Excellent vegan protein that provides probiotics and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc.
I feel so much better after drinking my protein shakes. - Joyce T.

This is the first protein powder my kids actually liked. Definitely going to continue to purchase this product. - Amy P.

I have tried many similar products but this one surpassed my expectations.
The flavor is so good and real that even my super picky son started using this product daily. There is no after taste, its flavor easily blends with fruit, plant based milk and spices.
It's delightful! And pure ingredients are just right. - Aleksandra G.

I was introduced to your products by UK based wellness consultant. Best plant protein I have tried ever. I loved it. All other plant protein I tried tasted like chalks, saw dust it to much stevia after taste. but this one is different. - Mohammed A.

This product supplements my protein intake. My doctor said I should be taking 4 scoops per day. I have only consumed 2 scoops. It has restored my strength and endurance as I am recovering from bacterial pneumonia. - Jane D.

This is my go-to protein powder. All organic, nice flavor, can be used in anything!
- Jennifer S.

Great product, easy to digest and taste great especially mixed with super green juice.
- Karl T.

As advertised, good flavor, doesnt overwhelm other ingredients, no bloat (ymmv).
Benefits from use with almond milk rather than water to get a creamier texture.
Source of steady energy. - Anonymous

Great before and after workout drink because it helps me recover quickly and there is no after taste. Much to my surprise, I am also losing weight plus sleeping better at night.
This products is well worth trying -- I'm sure others should fall in love with it too.
- Darlene W.

We love the shake! We make a smoothie every morning adding the shake to Rice Dream, Ripple, a frozen banana, and blueberries. - Betty H.

I love the purity and quality of the ingredients in this Super Protein, and drink it every morning blended with my favorite fruit. - Paulette S.

I’ve tried other products but this is the easiest to drink and my recovery is so much better when I take this after workouts. - Derrick T.

Personally I keep ordering this protein because it doesn't bulk up my morning smoothie into a thick milkshake. It is the first one that adds my protein but leaves me with all the flavor of my organic veggies and liquids and fruit. It tastes wonderful but has none of the sandy taste of many others, and believe me I have tried them all. - Margaret H.

Hands down the best vegan protein I've tried so far. Excellent product with a great ingredient profile, mixes very well and the taste is amazing. Highly recommended. - Anonymous

Convenient and tasty. I look forward to making my breakfast and have more energy and less cravings all day. - Linda C.

Very tasty, mixes easily with almost no clumping, and my body feels energized after taking it. High quality - doesn't cause bloating or gas. I am very impressed with this product.
- O. P.

My go to drink after my workout is Organic Super Protein. It tastes great and doesn't mess with my stomach. I'm a professional athlete and trainer and I find with Organic Super Protein, I can recover faster allowing me get back to working out and staying on my game.
It really is a no brainer. - Packet C.

The super protein is an awesome clean product for post-workout to aid in recovery.
It is a very light protein supplement that doesn't weigh me down. - Erika B.

I love, love organic super protein. Its was really a long time for me to find the right thing for me with my sensitive stomach now I am so happy to used my favorite protein powder, for my sup races, workout, yoga and everyday life. - Naomi G.

I love this protein and the fact that it tastes good and not heavy. I use it daily, once or twice a day and mostly with my fruit/vegetable shakes. For a long time I was buying different brands and at different stores. I can say now that I found my (super) protein. - Eddie T.

Very light shake, that's what I was looking for. I had hard times digesting other products, no problems with this one. No gas, no constipation, no indigestion. Highly recommended.
- Anonymous

As a fitness trainer and athlete I am completely committed to working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Protein plays a big part in my training, muscle maintenance and recovery.
I love how Organic Super Protein tastes and that it mixes up easily. It's great for everyday and my go-to source of protein when I'm on the go. - Karen K.

Your protein drink is absolutely wonderful. It mixes very easily and the taste is amazing.
As a holistic nutritionist, it meets all the criteria necessary to feed the body.
Thanks for your diligence in creating such healthy products. - Vicki J.

I've been trying to improve my posture, with no results, for a long time. Even after seeing a chiropractor didn't help; he kept saying that I needed more muscle, which I must have now since starting the Organic Super Protein. This morning I noticed that my posture is so much better; my back feels stronger. And yesterday I rearranged my living room without any aches or pains this morning. This is really awesome! - Mary S.

My fiance and I are using the protein shake every day in the morning and because he's recovering from chemotherapy and radiation we've been on the super green juice for several months. We combine the protein and the super green in almond milk for my smoothie in the morning. Joe uses fresh orange juice and fruit. We both find it very satisfying and the flavor is very good and we feel that it is the best that we could possibly find on the market today.
- Sylvia D.

I genuinely like the taste - and, I confess, I am not a great vanilla fan. (It's overdone, often too strong.) THIS protein shake tastes surprisingly light & fresh. I am having fun with variations of ingredients. Even using just the shaker-bottle, the shake is very creamy. The Organic Super Protein with the Super Green Juice powder will be my dynamic duo! I love them both!
- Sally W.

The taste and texture is fantastic. It is the best tasting protein powder out there. It mixes well either in a blender or shaker. I found that the coconut milk makes it creamier, but the mixture is also fine with just water. I feel a whole lot healthier knowing I'm getting the good inside.
- John R.

This is a great low carb smoothie that is gluten free, corn free, sugar free and vegan.
Does not contain artificial sweeteners. - M.K.

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