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Xelliss Organic Spirulina Health Products

There is no better way to invigorate your energy, eliminate toxins, and support your
immune system than adding healthy algae-based products to your diet.

xelliss a3 caps
A3 Caps
a spirulina powder.
Unique and produced via photobioreactor cultivation,
it provides energy, vitality
and overall well-being

60 Capsules - $45.00

xelliss a3 powder
A3 Powder
Spirulina is a naturally
good source of many
essential nutrients which contribute to a healthy diet.
30 Servings

xelliss europa coffee
Europa Expresso Coffee
Premium Arabica coffee
with spirulina. A traditional
balanced coffee that espresso lovers will appreciate.
Absolutely one of the best!!!
10 caps - $20.00
xelliss phycosci am
PhycoSci AM
Spirulina extract
with acerola - vitamin C
250 ml - 31 Servings
$109.00 - $95.95
xelliss phycosci pm
PhycoSci PM
Spirulina extract with
 cinnamon, ginger
and reishi mushroom.

250 ml - 31 Servings
$109.00 - $95.95
xelliss phycosci sport
PhycoSci Sport
Spirulina extract with
arginin and folic acid.
250 ml - 31 Servings
$109.00 - $95.95
xelliss microbiome x3
MicroBiome X3
Shrink the Fat
Composed of live Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria, soluble fibre and "A3NAT" high-grade spirulina. These three support weight management.
30 Servings - $124.95

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